Vietnam Travel Advice

By | July 3, 2021

General travel information for Vietnam

Continent: Asia

Geographical location: South Asia, Vietnamese peninsula

Highest elevation: Phan-xi-pang (Fansipan, 3143 m above sea level)

Longest river: Red River (510 km in Vietnam)

Form of government: Socialist republic System of

Government: Socialist one-party system

Languages: Vietnamese

Neighboring countries: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China

Capital: Hanoi

Area: Approx. 331,700 km²

Residents: Approx. 95,550,000 people (2018)

Population density: 308 residents per km²

Religions: Approx. 80% atheists, 20% Buddhists, 6% Catholics, 2% Cao Dai, 1% Hoa Hao

Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND); 1 euro is approximately 25.3 VND.

Travel Climate: In North Vietnam tropical alternating climate, in South Vietnam tropical warm to hot

Time zone: UTC +7

Area code: +84

Country code: VN, VNM, 704

Current: In Vietnam, the outlets of the type A, G and C used. Depending on the region, the mains voltage is either 127 or 220 V with a 50 Hz change interval. A travel plug adapter is an advantage.

Travel climate in Vietnam

The climate in Vietnam couldn’t be more different, when it rains the sun shines somewhere else in Vietnam. In addition, the seasons are different in different parts of the country.

In the north of Vietnam there are four seasons:

December to February is winter and the cold season: 8 -17 ° C, in the mountain regions it can cool down to 0 ° C, sometimes have high humidity with some sunny days.

March, April is spring with warm weather: 25 -35 ° C, pleasant humidity, sunny with a few rainfalls, occasionally high temperatures.

May to August is summer and the hot season: 28 – 40 ° C, high humidity, tropical heat, heavy rainfall at the beginning and end of the day (1-2 hours).

September to November is autumn. It is the second beautiful season of the year, a real “Indian Summer”: 20-30 ° C, little humidity, sunny weather. It is the best time to visit the north.

In central Vietnam’s coastal region (Hue, Hoi An, Danang, Quy Nhon): Similar to the north, except that there is a storm season in October and November Central highlands (Buon Me Thuot, Kun Tum, Pleiku): from October to May the weather is good, 20 – 30 ° C, sunny There are big differences in temperature between day and night. From June to September it is warm, 30 – 40 ° C, high humidity, hazy, sometimes showers.

In South Vietnam there are two seasons

In general, the rainy season lasts from May to October, but there are differences in the different regions. In Nha Trang, for example, the rainy season is from June to November, on Con Dao from July to December. During the rainy season the weather is changeable, with high humidity and heavy showers. The dry season is from November to April with fine weather and blue skies. The temperature is constant throughout the year in all southern provinces of 30 – 34 ° C.

Vietnam Travel Advice

Holidays in Vietnam

Holiday Date
New Years Day Jan. 1
Chinese new year In Feb
Vietnamese New Year In Feb
Day of the Hùng Kings In Apr
Liberation Day Apr 30
Labor Day 1st of May
Independence day Sept 2

Medical advice for Vietnam

For legal reasons, we as a tour operator are not allowed to communicate any binding medical information for Vietnam and therefore refer to the information provided by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Travel advice for Vietnam

You can obtain current travel and safety information, information on entering and leaving the country, as well as special criminal information and recommendations for your stay in Vietnam from the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Foreign mission in Vietnam

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

29, Tran Phu, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi

Telephone: (+ 84-24) 3267 3335

Fax: (+ 84-24) 3 845 38 38

E-Mail: [email protected]

Embassy of the Socialists Republic of Vietnam

Elsenstrasse 3, 12435 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 536 301 08

Fax: +49 30 536 302 00

E-Mail: [email protected]