Visa to Zambia

By | November 30, 2022

According to cachedhealth, citizens of Russia to visit Zambia require a visa, which can be obtained directly at the border (at Lusaka International Airport or at any other border crossing) or in advance, at the consular department of the Embassy of Zambia in Moscow. Getting a visa at the border usually does not cause any difficulties – you need a passport and a return ticket. Also on the spot you can get a double and multivisa. It makes sense to apply to the consular department for a visa for 90 days, the visa fee is identical to that charged at the border.

Types of visas

  • one-day for 24 hours for 20 USD for tourists arriving on a short visit to Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe
  • single entry for 30 days for 50 USD
  • double entry visa for 80 USD
  • multiple entry visa for 160 USD

Children under 16 who do not have their own passport fit into the parents’ visa and do not pay the consular fee. There are no discounts for children with their own passport.

Applying for a visa at the border

To obtain a visa at the border, you must present: a passport with a validity period that exceeds the validity of the visa. It is also recommended to have return tickets and a copy of the first page of the passport, although border guards rarely ask tourists for these documents.

But they may ask for medical certificates (about vaccination against yellow fever, the absence of cholera or malaria). If not, they will be asked to pay a fine. However, in the event that a tourist enters Zambia from countries other than those officially recognized as hotbeds of infection, such requirements will be illegal. All passengers traveling to Zambia from South Africa or back are required to carry a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

In general, do not forget about the design

medical insurance policy

, Africa is not the region where you can forget about your health.

Documents for a visa to Zambia

Required documents for obtaining a visa at the consulate:

  1. international passport

With a validity period exceeding the validity of the visa;

  1. Copy of international passport

Need a copy of the first page;

  1. photo

Two identical photographs 4×6 cm;

  1. Questionnaire

Two application forms completed in English and signed by the applicant;

  1. Hotel reservation

Invitation or confirmation (original or fax) of the hotel reservation;

  1. Ticket reservation

Copy of round trip tickets;

The minimum visa processing time is 2 days.

Consular fee and validity of visas

The consular fee for a single entry visa is 50 USD, a double entry visa is 80 USD. The fee is collected in US dollars at the consular section when submitting documents.

A visa is issued either for a specific period specified in the invitation, its validity period is 12 months, with a maximum stay of 90 days.

Visa to Zambia