Wall Mural Funny kids world map

Wall Mural New York

Are you one of those people who describe New York as the ultimate dream city? Hardly any other metropolis in the world has such a strong attraction as the “Big Apple”. Anyone who has been there always dreams of going there again – those who have never traveled to New York indulge in longing for a trip to the big city. Express your passion for New York by installing a matching wall mural in your living space. With our wallpapers , we illuminate New York from very different perspectives and bring the flair of the big city straight to your home in Switzerland.

Wallpaper with a New York motif: Fascinatingly beautiful and lively

Enjoy the view of Manhattan from above with our photo wallpaper “Manhattan Aerial View” or create an atmospheric ambience with our photo wallpaper New York at night . With the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building in panorama format, you can bring impressive sights of the US city home to Switzerland. A photomural with New York motif livens up your home and underlines a modern ambience. Whether it’s a skyline or a famous building – New York is always decorative, exciting and mysterious on the wallpaper. Dream yourself into the land of unlimited opportunities and the city that stands for freedom and tolerance like no other. In addition to our wall tattoos and murals, a photo wallpaper gives you the opportunity to present your favorite city in an impressive large format.

Wall mural with an urban flair: easy to install

Our wallpapers are easy to apply: With the help of the enclosed installation instructions, you can transform your living space into a vantage point and get a little closer to New York in no time at all. The motifs are available as hard-wearing non-woven wallpaper for wallpapering as well as in the form of a self-adhesive vinyl photo wallpaper. The latter makes it particularly easy to attach the wallpaper. You can also buy wallpaper accessories such as universal paste or pressure rollers in our shop.

Cities and journeys as motifs for photo wallpaper

Do you love to travel – do you always get wanderlust? Then our photomurals with cities and travel motifs are exactly the right choice for your living room decoration: express how much you enjoy traveling the world and make a statement for your favorite cities and regions. Our photomurals are presented in a variety of ways and bring the world’s most beautiful metropolises directly to your home in large format. In high print quality, the professional photos of cities and trips on our wallpapers come into their own.

Wallpapers all about travel: From Berlin to New York

Enjoy the view of the New York skyline at home every day or dream away in a cozy café in Manhattan . Express your love for the French capital with a photo wallpaper of Paris and the Eiffel Tower or let the Singapore panorama affect you every day: our photo wallpapers are the right choice if you like to travel and feel at home in the world. Embark on Route 66 , decorate your walls with Berlin’s Alexanderplatz or the Empire State Building – wherever you prefer to be in the world – our wall murals show numerous cities and regions from the most beautiful and fascinating perspectives. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find mirror wall clocks online.

Self-adhesive wallpapers with large metropolises: easy to apply

You can apply paste to non-woven wallpapers as usual and paper them to the wall. In addition, we also offer vinyl wallpapers that have self-adhesive properties and therefore only have to be placed on the wall. You will find suitable tools for both types of wallpaper in our shop in the “ wallpaper accessories” category . In no time you can enjoy your most beautiful travel motifs and the view of the breathtaking metropolises of our world. You will also find matching home accessories in our shop, which will also alleviate wanderlust and complete your decoration.

Wall Mural Funny kids world map

Take your children on a tour of discovery in the children’s room! All continents with their typical animals and people can be seen on the lovingly designed “Funny Map”.

With the trendy photo wallpapers you can decorate your walls individually. Choose from numerous motifs in our online shop and create a new living space experience!

Please note: You need a certain viewing distance for the large-format wallpaper motifs to have an optimal effect. A slight blurring effect when viewed up close is unavoidable even at the highest resolution and does not affect the overall visual impression.

Material: fleece

Wall Mural Funny kids world map