West Virginia Zip Codes by City

By | February 1, 2023

West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region of the United States. It is bordered by Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia. West Virginia has a total of 55 zip codes that span across the entire state. The majority of these zip codes are in the northern and eastern parts of West Virginia, with some extending into the southern and western parts as well.

The zip code for Charleston, which is the capital city of West Virginia, is 25301. This zip code also includes several other surrounding cities such as South Charleston and Dunbar. There are also several other zip codes that cover larger areas such as Huntington (25701), Morgantown (26505), Parkersburg (26101), Wheeling (26003), and Martinsburg (25401). All of these cities are major metropolitan areas within West Virginia that have populations over 10,000 people.

In addition to these major cities in West Virginia, there are many smaller towns throughout the state which have their own unique zip codes such as Bluefield (24701), Beckley (25801), Charles Town (25414), Keyser (26726), Lewisburg (24901), Princeton (24740), Romney (26757), Snowshoe Mountain Resort (26209), Weston (26452), Williamson(25661). Each one of these cities has its own unique characteristics which offer visitors different experiences when they visit them.

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List of Zip Codes in West Virginia by City

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Charleston is the capital and the largest city in West Virginia. This vibrant city is located along the banks of the Kanawha River and is known for its many attractions, such as Clay Center for Arts & Sciences, Capitol Market, and West Virginia State Museum. With a population of nearly 50,000 people, Charleston is a bustling center of commerce and culture. The city also offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking.

The second largest city in West Virginia is Huntington. This historic city was founded in 1775 and is home to many attractions like Heritage Station Museum, Camden Park amusement park, and Marshall University. With a population of around 47,000 people, Huntington has become an important regional hub for shopping and entertainment. It also has an active art scene with galleries showcasing local artists’ work.

The third largest city in West Virginia is Parkersburg. Located at the confluence of the Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers, this small town has a lot to offer visitors including historic sites such as Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park and Campus Martius Museum. There are also plenty of outdoor activities including camping at North Bend State Park or taking advantage of biking trails along the Little Kanawha River Trail System.

Morgantown is the fourth largest city in West Virginia with nearly 31 thousand people calling it home. It’s best known for being home to West Virginia University which brings students from all over the world to this vibrant college town each year! Visitors can explore some interesting attractions such as Morgantown Glassworks or take part in some outdoor activities like whitewater rafting on Cheat River or hiking on Coopers Rock State Forest trails.

Finally, rounding out our top five cities in West Virginia is Wheeling which has about 28 thousand residents living there today! This industrial town on Ohio River offers visitors plenty to do including visiting Oglebay Park’s botanical gardens or riding aboard its vintage trolley car line! Wheeling also offers unique shopping experiences at Centre Market Place where you can find everything from antiques to handmade goods!

55 Counties

West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. With an area of 24,230 square miles, it is the 41st largest state in size. The state is divided into 55 counties, each with its own unique characteristics and attractions.

Kanawha County, located in the central part of the state, is West Virginia’s most populous county with a population of over 180,000 people. The county seat is Charleston, which serves as the capital city of West Virginia and is home to many historic sites and landmarks. Kanawha County also has many recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hunting and hiking in its numerous parks and wildlife areas.

Fayette County is located in the southeastern part of West Virginia and has a population of over 46,000 people. It is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the state including New River Gorge National Park and Bridge where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from high above the gorge. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as white water rafting and rock climbing available for those looking for adventure.

Monongalia County sits on the border between Pennsylvania and West Virginia along Cheat River Valley with a population of nearly 100,000 people. The county seat is Morgantown which serves as home to West Virginia University (WVU). There are plenty of cultural activities available here including art galleries, museums and theatres where visitors can explore local artistry or catch a show at one of WVU’s performing arts venues. Monongalia County also has many outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking trails along Cheat Lake or skiing at one of its three ski resorts.

West Virginia Zip Codes