Wonderful Beaches on Lanzarote

By | January 11, 2021

Lanzarote has, among other things, been called the island of the hundred beaches and therefore it is no wonder that the island is so well visited by curious sunbathers. Lanzarote has beaches from north to south and some of them have even been praised as some of the best in all of Spain. Some of the beaches are also very unique with black lava sand from the surrounding volcanoes. Here, those who intend to have Lanzarote as their next destination can follow a small beach guide.

Playa del Orzola

According to ehotelat, Orzola beach is located on the northern part of Lanzarote and close to the small fishing village of the same name. The water is turquoise blue, the sand is golden and the whole beach is shaped like a lagoon, which makes it good for the swimmer who wants to snorkel and swim a little. It may also be worth noting that it is Playa del Orzola who has been proud to receive the title “one of Spain’s 10 best beaches” in the local newspaper 20 Minutos. Whether you agree or not, is your own thing, but most people will probably get quite excited about it.

Playa de Famara

The beach for surfers, it’s Playa del Famara, it. In the northern part of Lanzarote you can take aim at this gem, filled with high waves that are perfect for both windsurfing and bodyboarding. In the background, the high mountains stretch and in front of you you only have the sea. Famara is known for surfers around the world and many come here just for this. As the beach is five kilometers long, there are also many who jog or walk here and when the thin layer of water settles like a mirror on the sand at low tide, it is a fabulous place to be. The fact that Famara is located in a nature park does not make it all worse.

Puerto del Carmen – Playa Grande

Lanzarote’s first tourist resort was named Puerto del Carmen and the surrounding beaches are some of the island’s most popular. The beach Playa Grande is located on the southern part of the island and is a full six kilometers long. It is also considered Lanzarote’s finest beach and has been much talked about. Playa Grande is child-friendly and also suitable for the elderly. Along the beach is the long promenade Avenida de las Playas, with all it has to offer. Restaurants, small shops and bars abound here and enjoying a drink at sunset before dinner is not a bad idea.

Puerto del Carmen and Playa Grande are very satisfying for those who want to go on diving adventures. Further out to sea at Castillo del Aguila, south of the resort, there is a ghost exhibition below sea level with figures and statues that also attract corals and beautiful fish, called the Museo Atlantico. A lisa for those who want to see culture below sea level!

Playa de Janubio

Playa de Janubio is a black beach with lava on the ground that just has to be seen. The beach is located in the south and has smooth and cut stones that have formed over time. It is not as beautiful as the other playas and does not belong directly to the paradise beaches, but it is unique and well worth a stop on the trip. The waves are huge and sometimes surfing is not recommended as the undercurrents are strong. Playa del Janubio, however, has a resting tranquility over it and the silence and the waves are all that keeps one awake. The place can almost be seen as magical so do not forget to stop here.

Wonderful beaches on Lanzarote