Your Personal Photo as an Effective Wall Decoration

Your Personal Photo as an Effective Wall Decoration

Create your own oasis of well-being with your photo as a mural. Our online shop offers a wide range of different ways to showcase your photo motifs. You can use our photo upload service to have your personal mural printed on various materials and in various formats. We deliver your favorite picture as a photo canvas, photo glass picture, photo poster, aluminum Dibond picture and photo as splash protection. The high-quality murals enliven every room. Each room is transformed into a place of memories. Whether landscape pictures or family photos, we also supplies pictures in large format. Large pictures have a special depth effect and convey a pleasant room atmosphere. Landscape shots in particular are suitable for large-format images. Decorative elements with a personal photo are an ideal gift for any occasion. Glass Photos of friends and family photos beautify your home and give it a special touch. As a reminder of an unforgettable holiday, smaller photo elements are also suitable, which are sorted into an interesting sequence of images. Whether as a canvas picture, glass picture or poster, the picture scenes capture unique moments and are a particularly creative home decoration. Photos of unique trips that everyone remembers with enthusiasm are popular. Not everyone has a special kitchen splash guard with their own photo. You will be the envy of this original and useful decoration idea. Discover our selection of background materials for your photos and see for yourself! If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wall clocks for bathroom online.

Your photos on canvas – pictures as if painted

Be enchanted by our different materials for your photos and discover new decorative possibilities. Your photo on canvas gives the mural a very personal touch and looks classy. Our online shop fulfills every wish and perfectly stages your photos printed on canvas. Would you like to create a personal collage with your photos and commemorate weddings or special family celebrations? Your own motif as a creative wall decoration shows style and invites you to dream. Spacious panorama pictures that draw the viewer’s gaze are particularly popular. Panorama pictures are ideal for spacious living rooms and conference rooms. A stylish photo as a mural on canvas decorates every room. Whether living room or office, your very personal motif as a photo canvas is ideal for every design idea. A beautiful photo achieves special effects. Choose your favorite motif as a mural for a unique living concept. Canvas prints make your photos shine. The excellent color print on robust canvas fabric provides a great depth effect. We supply canvas prints in various sizes. You will find a suitable format for every room and every photo motif. Would you like a panorama picture in portrait or landscape format? We include the appropriate suspension with every order. If you have decided on a photo on canvas, we will create a preview. You can confirm the view or name any change requests by e-mail. We proceed in the same way with all other materials that you choose for your photo print.

Photo glass pictures for special moments

Use your own motif as a personal glass picture for the wall. Photos on glass are long-lasting and colour-intensive. Photo glass pictures create a nice atmosphere in your home or office. Dreamlike landscape pictures give depth to every room. So you always have your best holiday memories in front of you and the motifs come into their own. The special nature of the glass photo allows you to hang up your favorite motif in the kitchen or bathroom. Relaxing beach and sea motifs transform your bathroom into a very personal wellness oasis.

Photo poster for an individual wall design

Choose a nice photo as a poster! It really comes into its own with a suitable picture frame. An elegant frame sets special accents and effectively accentuates your photo poster. We use high-quality special paper as poster material. The paper is sturdy and can be securely attached to the wall. Whether glued, hung or pinned, the photo as a poster remains undamaged when it is attached. There are no limits to the choice of your photo motif. Choose your absolute favorite photo as a high-quality poster! A poster with your own motif is also a nice surprise as a special gift for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions. Whether funny snapshots or funny pictures of your own children, your diverse decoration ideas give every room a personal touch.

Effective Alu-Dibond pictures

Aluminum pictures are weatherproof and robust. Any photo you use will not print the white areas. There, the matt brushed aluminum shimmers through as a special effect. You can choose between a gold, silver or copper effect. Alu-Dibond pictures are not only suitable for interiors, such as private living rooms, offices or conference rooms. You can also attach your Alu-Dibond picture to facades and outside walls. Bad weather conditions and high UV radiation cannot damage your picture outdoors. A beautiful aluminum dibond picture is a unique eye-catcher and underlines your personal lifestyle.

Your photo as a splash guard for the kitchen

Choose a kitchen with your own photo. The splash guard is made of high-quality ESG safety glass. The processed material is heat-resistant and washable. The surface is sealed with clear varnish and is shatterproof. A kitchen splash guard is a suitable protection against grease splashes and other contaminants during cooking. This keeps your kitchen clean. You are free to choose whether you want to order protection with rounded or pointed corners. A splash guard with a personal photo of your loved ones or unforgettable holiday memories is particularly original. The depiction of exotic dishes from your holiday country is also a nice decoration idea. A special printing technique enables unique 3D effects. In the online shop you will find wall mounts that you can select as an option. If you refrain from

Simply order photos as wall decoration online

Choosing your personal mural on canvas, glass, poster, photo on aluminum or splash guard is easy. Depending on your taste, you can freely select the image properties of your motif in the online shop. Simply upload your photo and specify the material, size and format. Depending on your needs, you should use our filter for special designs in the mask. You can also choose square images and panorama images. After making your selection, place your photo in the shopping cart and complete the order. The professional production and delivery of your picture takes place as quickly as possible. You can select suitable hanging devices in our online shop according to your needs. Whether it’s a classic canvas picture or an elegant photo on aluminium, we give you the unique opportunity to present your photo in an artistic way.

Your Personal Photo as an Effective Wall Decoration